Top 10 in iTunes – Can you believe it!

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Well it appears that the new podcast made it to the top 10 in New and Noteworthy under the category of Religion and Spirituality.  I want to make sure I think the Lord for this first and foremost, and then everyone who helped promote the podcast.  In the past few days I actually feel like I have a purpose.  I feel like I have a little pep in my step. So what is next?  Well I need to get more people to help me promote my podcast on Facebook, Twitter and email.  What I found out is that many people … Read More

MaxTop 10 in iTunes – Can you believe it!

My Journey Begins – 10 With Him Podcasting

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I love teaching the Bible.  I can’t wait to teach on Sunday mornings. My goal has always been to help people understand the Bible but just as important to help them apply the teachings of the Bible to their lives.  So I decided to see if I could reach more people outside of my class and church. I did a little research and thought about different methods to increase my audience.  Podcasting seemed to be the best way.  At first I thought I would just record my Bible study lessons, but then I decided it might be better to shorten the … Read More

MaxMy Journey Begins – 10 With Him Podcasting