Max Suther

Max Suther is a Bible teacher and preacher.   Max loves the challenge of making the Bible easy to understand.  Max believes Christians should “put their sandals on” when reading and studying the Bible  So what does “put your sandals on” mean?  Well when we read we should put ourselves into the scene. For example, when Jesus asks one of his disciples a question, imagine that he is asking you the question.  How would you react, what questions might you ask Jesus, and what thoughts would you have at that moment.  Always ask, “What is Jesus trying to teach me about him and about myself”?  Then take what you learn about God and about yourself and use it to change or influence your mind and your everyday life.

Max Suther is available for teaching and preaching engagements.  If you need to contact Max then please use the “contact us” page.  You can also reach Max on Facebook or Twitter.

If you would like to know more about the Bible study that Max teaches in Atlanta, please visit for more information.

Max Suther is happily married to Wendy and they have three children.  Max currently lives just outside of Atlanta Georgia.

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