Top 10 in iTunes – Can you believe it!

Well it appears that the new podcast made it to the top 10 in New and Noteworthy under the category of Religion and Spirituality.  I want to make sure I think the Lord for this first and foremost, and then everyone who helped promote the podcast.  In the past few days I actually feel like I have a purpose.  I feel like I have a little pep in my step.

So what is next?  Well I need to get more people to help me promote my podcast on Facebook, Twitter and email.  What I found out is that many people don’t know how, so I need to help people understand there are three things I really need.

First Step

I need people to subscribe to my newsletter on  Why?  Well this is my main way of letting people know there is a new podcast or blog post.  Signing up is easy.  People just need to enter their email address and name in the orange box to the right of most of my posts.  We will then send you an email each time we have a new podcast or blog post.  Then you need to click on the links, listen to the podcast, then share (instructions below in step 2).  I have a picture below.

Signup for Newsletter


Second Step

I need people to share my latest podcasts on Facebook, Twitter and email.  It is very easy to share a podcast.  There are several share buttons on each page of see the picture below.  So how does it work.  Well if you click the big blue F a popup will appear.  All you have to do is click share and it will post my webpage and podcast on your Facebook wall.  How easy is that.  The same is true for the Twitter and email buttons.  Give it a try and see what happens.  Shares are much better than likes.  If you share my podcasts then your friends might seem them in their feed on Facebook or Twitter.  The more people that see the picture and link the more likely they will listen to the podcast.  Even better is when someone adds their own comment to the post.  For example, “I just listened to this 10 minute podcast on 1 Thessalonians and I had to ask myself am I the Christian example I should be”.

Please share the pages that actually have a podcast on them.  Sharing on Facebook is very powerful.  If you have 500 friends, then many will see the post you create, and some of their friends will see it as well.  So every time you share a podcast, you could be sending God’s word to thousands of people.


Share Buttons

A window will open up and then click the Share button.

Share Buttons Facebook

Third Step

I need people who use iTunes to subscribe to my podcast on iTunes and rate the podcast.  All you have to do in iTunes is search for Max Suther and you will find my podcast.

iTunes search


Click on 10 With Him

Click to Subscribe

I love the idea that I can create a podcast and hundreds, or even thousands of people will hear the word of God taught and applied.  What is even more interesting is that other people can share that podcast via Facebook, Twitter, email, or other social media outlet and have a part in getting God’s word out to thousands.

If you have always wanted to see more people saved and know the Lord as their savior, but were too shy to say something…then this is the opportunity.

Now what do you think?  Let me know below.

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MaxTop 10 in iTunes – Can you believe it!

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